Beginner Recommendations


New to Onahole?

The products in this page are specially curated for beginners.

If you are looking for something simple. we suggest started your Onahole journey with the toys above.

The prices of Onaholes curated for beginners are very affordable with prices ranges from around $30 to less than $100, you can start having fun with these Onaholes at a low investment.

Why Use Sex Dolls Or Onaholes?

Sex toys have gained popularity for various reasons. Why do people use sex dolls? Well:

  • they’re an alternative to real human contact – people who are shy or live in long-distance relationships may find it challenging to engage in sexual activities with others.
  • they give you comfort and flexibility that can be hard to find with another person. You can choose a doll according to your preferences to experience a completely new level of pleasure and fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies.
How To Use Sex Dolls & Onaholes?

How to use sexdolls? It’s quite straightforward. First, clean the doll thoroughly before and after use to maintain hygiene. You can apply a water-based lubricant to the doll’s orifices to enhance the experience. Then, position the doll in the desired position and engage in sexual activities.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using sex dolls to avoid damaging them. Proper storage and maintenance are also crucial to ensure the doll’s longevity and functionality.

Sex dolls in use are a safe alternative to engaging in sexual activities with real humans. They offer a level of customization and realism that will blow your mind so don’t wait and choose a model tailored to your preferences.

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