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Description / Beautiful Legs - Nakadashi Life

Seiraku Toys' Beautiful Legs - Nakadashi Life is a masterpiece of artistry: pink-toned skin, slender legs, and exquisite musculature. Explore each carefully crafted detail to marvel over the most lifelike lower body onahole yet! Run your hands along her curvaceous posterior for an immersive experience like no other.

  • Luxurious softness for ultimate comfort
  • Simulated skin texture for a realistic touch.
  • High-quality joints for customizable posing.
  • Dual sensual tunnels for increased stimulation
  • Beautifully sculpted feet and toenails for exquisite detail.
  • Lightweight metal skeleton for durable support without the added weight.

Beautiful Legs - Nakadashi Life - PINKDo you like: Stockings - Panties - Legs - Ass - Feet - Suspenders - Skirts - Dozens of positions? Then this toy is for you...

Pussy: how many cervixes in this lower body onahole?

Let your glans take a wild ride with the Beautiful Legs Sex Toy - Nakadashi Life's Pussy! Featuring two carnal cervix-like gates and thrilling textures, this stimulating toy promises an explosive journey of texture exploration - from ribbed pleasure bumps to small massaging beads. Conquer the challenge for yourself and unlock tight "womb" chambers that will leave you breathless with bliss.

Indulge in an extraordinary journey of pleasure with Nakadashi Life - the legs sex toy!

Experience three thrilling realms in the Beautiful Legs Onahole, each one more stimulating than the last. Start off exploring bumpy pathways - then travel through vibrant gates formed by rings and finally arrive at a seductive tunnel that's lined with plush massage beads.

Let her tight-beaded ass grip you tightly as you explore further inside... And when it comes to variety, experience limitless possibilities thanks to the lightweight metal rods offering superior strength and flexibility so your fantasies can become reality!

Experience divine sensations with Seiraku's Beautiful Legs Onahole - Nakadashi Life!

Unlock gorgeous, multi-positionable legs designed to give you indescribably delicious sensations. Step into a world of unforgettable luxury and bliss with this legs sex doll.

Beautiful Legs Onahole - Nakadashi Life details
  • Total length: 35.43 inches
  • Inner leg length: 25.98 inches
  • Foot length: 7.09 inches
  • Waist circumference: 17.72 inches
  • Hip circumference: 27.56 inches
  • Pussy tunnel: 4.72 inches
  • Anus tunnel: 5.51 inches
  • Weight: 23.25 lbs
  • Brand: Seiraku Toys

Outfits for Beautiful Legs Nakadashi Life not included - only used as an example. To protect her delicate skin, keep your companion on a soft surface and avoid excessive pressure when in kneeling or standing positions.

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty good
Review by Anon
To start off, I would NOT recommend buying this as a beginner onahole, too big, and too many crevices to clean and maintain if you don't know how to do so effectively, or you're unable to carry these 20lb legs around your house.

The holes are nice and stimulating, as for the tightness however; the vaginal tunnel is tight but not tight to the point it squeezes your weenie out when lubed up.
As for the anal tunnel, it is tighter than the vagina, would probably need to go a few rounds with it to loosen it up a little more.
Should also mention that they're not very deep, which could be considered a pro or a con depending on your size.
Holes: 8/10 Overall very stimulating as it should be for $500.

Cleaning is kind of a chore, but it should be expected as this is essentially a 3ft tall onahole. Again, if you live with other people and rather them not know you own this, I would not recommend buying it as being able to effectively clean it, entails you essentially giving it a bath if you dont have the proper cleaning tools/supplies.
Cleaning: 3/10 Long, tedious, and very hard to do discreetly

Now the realism is where this product shines.
The legs really do add a little something extra that even the best onahips fail to do so.
You can equip it with pants, leggings, skirts, and pretty much anything else you would wear on your legs, just make sure you clean and buy either a size xs or xxs for whatever accessories you decide to buy.
(P.S. not sure what size shoes it can fit or if shoes would even be a possibility with this product, as the feet are very small).
As for the positions you can do, you can lay it to its side, stroke its legs, grab it by the legs, wrap the legs around you, place it face down ass up, and etcetera, the possibilities are almost endless with this thing.
Realism: 10/10 it's got legs, enough said

The sizing is a little small overall.
Don't buy this expecting to get some massive watermelon crushing thighs, rather its more so the same size as a petite woman, but with everything being very proportional and neither comedically big nor small.
Size: 7.5/10 not very big, but the proportions are pretty spot on

The joints I would say are another 10/10, they're stiff enough to stay in place for pretty much any position, but not stiff enough to the point where it's practically impossible to bend them. They also bend about as much as a real leg
Joints: 10/10 realistic and sturdy enough for whatever you do

Before equipping with clothes I would highly recommend the use of baby powder to avoid static electricity build up.
Pretty quiet compared to other onaholes I own.
The toes aren't connected by wires or anything so they do flop around a little.
As with pretty much any onahole it is prone to staining, so WASH any clothes you buy before use.

Tldr: Gave it 5 stars because of the uniqueness, but is an overall 8.5/10, legs add much to realism, holes are stimulating, everything is soft (even the ass), and the legs are very versatile.
Only things that suck are the cleaning and storing.

Would I recommend shelling out $500 for this? Probably not, but if you want to get a sex doll but don't want to shell out 2-5k, don't have anywhere to store it, and don't mind the lack of boobs then I would say this is probably one of the best alternatives out there.
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Great pair of legs
Review by Sinsualuvr
Order, transaction and shipping all occurred without delay and great communication with status updates.
Legs are exactly as advertised and matches details in photos. No damage from shipping. Nice quality TPE with sexy texture, firm where it should be (butt cheeks and lower legs) and supple in thighs.
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More Information

Weight (lbs) 23.250000
Tunnel length (In.) $4.70
Holes 2
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