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Description / Kyo Capsule 2

Get ready to amp up the fun because the Kyo Capsule 2 is more than just an upgrade— it’s a pleasure revolution, standing out among sex vibrators that look like little capsules!

Building on the success of the original, this tiny capsule vibrator packs a punch with its spanking new features, making your experience not just better, but mind-blowingly fantastic.

With its cutting-edge dual vibration technology, the Kyo Capsule 2 offers a smorgasbord of sensations, turning your bedroom into the ultimate pleasure playground.

If you want a spicier solo sesh, check this out!

Intensify Your Orgasms

Why settle for ordinary when you can have earth-shattering? The Kyo Capsule 2, a remarkable vibrator for men, is a game-changer in the realm of orgasmic ecstasy.

Imagine this: intense vibrations coursing through your dick, electrifying every nerve ending in your shaft, and boosting blood flow to bring you pleasure so intense, it’s almost sinful.

With its twin vibration hotspots, the Kyo Capsule 2 cradles your crown jewels in a snug, stretchy embrace of high-tech elastomer, delivering relentless vibrations for pleasure that’s off the charts.

And let’s not forget that this vibrating masturbator for men has massage bumps strategically placed to tease and please your pride in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Slide the Capsule 2 along your pleasure rod, or tease just the tip—the possibilities are endless.

Discover your body’s hidden erogenous zones and unlock explosive orgasms that you thought only existed in legend.

Solo or with a partner, the Kyo Capsule 2 is your secret weapon for catapulting your sexual adventures into the stratosphere.

Advanced Dual Vibration Technology

The Kyo Capsule 2 is your pleasure powerhouse, armed with dual vibration technology that offers not just variety, but a symphony of 12 distinct vibration modes.

Dive into a sea of sensations where each mode offer a unique thrill and waves of intense pleasure coursing through every inch of your manhood.

And here’s the kicker: the Kyo Capsule 2 is designed for the ultimate personal touch.

Give it a squeeze and feel the grip tighten, intensifying those vibrations and sending you soaring to the edge of climax every single time.

Peak Pleasure, Minimal Fuss

Kyo Capsule 2 is your ultimate fuck buddy— powerful, portable, and oh-so-easy to please. Think of this interactive male sex toy as the dream date that keeps you coming back for more.

Why? Because it delivers mind-blowing orgasms without any high-maintenance drama.

Forget about the hassle of cords and cables—this sex toy is all about wireless freedom, letting you focus on the good stuff without any tangles.

Its sleek, compact design is perfect for on-the-go action, fitting seamlessly into your life (and your hand) so you can get your fix anytime, anyplace. Just keep it on the down-low!

And when the fun’s over? Cleaning is a breeze. A quick wash with soapy water, and your Kyo Capsule 2 is ready to go again.

It’s the no-strings-attached, always-ready companion that keeps your pleasure game strong and stress-free!


  • Size: 4.02 x 3.74 x 3.74 inches
  • Includes USB charging cable and manual
  • Dual vibration technology
  • 12 vibration modes
  • Materials: TPE and ABS
  • Brand: KYO
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