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Best Affiliate Opportunity in the World of Male Masturbation Toys

We know there are many affiliate programs on the market, as they are a win-win for all the parties. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for websites and in return receive a commission payment. The commission offers a great extra income source, and could even become the main revenue for some affiliates who are really good at it.

At we worked hard to create truly the best affiliate opportunity for you in the niche. We want to offer you a unique chance to make the easiest money by promoting something you enjoy. 

Why You Should Join Affiliate Programm

  • It is the easiest affiliate marketing opportunity ever. 
You don’t need any technical knowledge, you don’t need any special sales talent or experience. Thanks to our simple-to-use online affiliate portal and straightforward commission fee, even a child could be earning money on this (but since this is an adult niche, after all, less competition for you).  
  • You will earn 15% from each sale.
And considering that some toys cost up to $600, this means you will earn $90 for every sale! But even if your customers buy cheaper products, we all know that once a man experiences the pleasure of Japanese masturbation toys for the first time, he’s never going to stop, coming back for more and more… So, you will also get 15% from ALL the repeat purchases by those customers that you bring to for 30 days.
The average order value is $270, which means $40 on average for every sale.
  • It’s completely free and secure!
Join our affiliate program right now for free and receive your unique affiliate link. Because the system is very secure and reliable, no commission will be lost or misplaced. You can track your earnings online by logging into your account and withdrawing the money at any time. Or spend it right here on the website for more additions to your toy collection. The choice is yours.

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Every man is masturbating. We know it, you know it, so why deny men this amazing pleasure? We think every man deserves to have the best toys to play with. That’s why we carefully select our toys to represent the highest quality and deliver the most exquisite experiences over and over again. When there is such a wide variety of male masturbation toys available, why should anyone have to do it with a hand?

Will you help us spread the knowledge that there is a better (much better) option? Will you help more and more men have access to premium masturbation toys at a reasonable cost? We think it’s quite a good cause to be working for. Especially if you can earn great money for it!
  • Even if you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing. 
  • Even if you have tried being an affiliate and think it doesn’t work.
  • Even if you are not into masturbation toys yourself.
  • Even if you want to keep this little business secret from your community.
  • Even if you don’t have much time, but have a lot of skepticism. 

Just try and see how you can boost your income today! 

How You Can Make Money With Affiliate Program

  1. Fill in the form on this Affiliate Program Page (link) to register.
  2. Within 13-35 business days we will send you an email approval, so you can log into your affiliate online account. 
  3. You will receive your personal affiliate link and banners for various online platforms. 
  4. Share your link online on your personal website or blog, forums, emails, direct communications, or any other ways you can imagine. The possibilities are endless. We will also send you some training materials and working tips on how to increase your sales.
  5. Receive a 15% commission on every sale and track your earnings online.
  6. Easily withdraw your earnings to a BankWire or PayPal

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