NTR Bride Onahip
NTR Bride Onahip sexdoll
NTR Bride Onahip doll
NTR Bride 5lbs Onahip
perfect NTR Bride 5lbs Onahip
NTR Bride 5lbs Onahip inside
Netorare stolen bride onahip
sexy Netorare stolen bride onahip
Netorare stolen bride onahip for man

NTR Bride Onahip - 5 lbs of Fun With a Stolen Bride!

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Product Details

NTR means Netorare, which in Japanese is cheating or cuckolding. This sweet bride is marrying someone else but wants you to bring her a final taste of freedom and pleasure. Will you give it to her?

Look at the beautiful image on the package for inspiration on using the NTR Bride onahip in line with the Netorare hentai theme

Enjoy the benefits of NTR Bride Onahip

Compared to a small onahole, this 5 lbs NTR Bride onahip is so much better! It is just the perfect size to grab with your hands while sliding into one of the two tunnels. At the same time, it’s not too heavy or bulky, so you can move it around easily into any position you want.

The NTR Bride Onahole has a firm ass and a tiny waist. You will like how realistic her cute pink labia look. The stomach and butt muscles also have a lifelike sexy shape. The material feels great to touch with your hands and when you slide inside. Thanks to the single-layer design, the toy is very durable. 

Netorare stolen bride onahip - Which tunnel will you try first?

The NTR Bride Onahole is big enough to feature not one but two different tunnels to satisfy your varying desires for pleasure. It’s also the ideal size, and the tunnels feel stretchy in all the right ways. They are not too resistant as some of the bigger sex toys. But thanks to the extra weight, the material can squeeze around your shaft just enough for additional stimulation. 

Both tunnels feel amazing as you slide inside but provide different kinds of experiences. The vaginal tunnel of Netorare stolen bride onahip has a more whirling experience thanks to the asymmetrical structures of the massaging beads, ridges, swirling fins, and bumps. The anal tunnel will offer you a different approach. As you move inside, you will feel it widening and tightening again and again, as if forming gates that will grip around your shaft, bringing you closer to a spectacular climax!

NTR Bride Onahip specifications:

  • Hip circumference: 22 inch
  • Width: 8.3 inch
  • Pussy tunnel: 5.1 inch
  • Anal tunnel: 4.3 inch
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Material: single-layer TPE
  • Brand: XTC Japan

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Cleaning And Maintenance

Importance Of Cleaning Your Onahole

Cleaning your onahole is absolutely essential. Here is why:

  • It will have a foul odor if you leave the lube and other liquids inside.
  • Cleaning will ensure the long life of your toys because there will be no mold or harmful bacteria.
  • Using a clean onahole ensures safety for your health.
  • It gives you a wonderful nice experience to slide into a clean toy every time.

How to clean onahole

Here is a step-by-step onahole cleaning guide that will minimize the unpleasant part that needs to come after your satisfaction.

  1. Rinse your onahole with warm water. Make sure that the water is not too warm so that the temperature does not damage the onahole material.
  2. Massage the onahole to let the fluids and lube loosen and wash away easily.
  3. Use your fingers or special cleaning sticks to scrub inside the onahole tunnel gently.
  4. After you’ve gotten rid of most of the lube and fluids, you can rinse the onahole again with warm water or use a special sex toy cleaner.
  5. If you are using the toy cleaner, rub it inside and outside of the onahole. If you don’t have a toy cleaner, you can use mild soap, such as for sensitive skin of the genital region. But don’t use anything strong because regular soap contains oil which can make the onahole material harder, shortening its lifespan.
  6. Rinse the onahole again to remove the toy cleaner or soap.
  7. Shake the onahole to get rid of most of the water.
  8. Dry the onahole thoroughly with an absorbent cloth. Don’t use fabric that leaves lint inside the product. Use several pieces of fabric if necessary to remove all the water. Drying the onahole is vital to prevent moisture that causes mold and bacterial growth.
  9. Powder the onahole inside with onahole maintenance powder using your hand or a soft brush. It will make your sex toy feel soft and smooth to the touch. The powder also helps to keep away the dust, lint, hair, and other things that may stick to it. Another reason to use the maintenance powder is to prolong the lifetime of your onahole. It serves as a protective barrier to slow down the process of the onahole oil from seeping out over time. Although this process can’t be stopped completely, it will save the onahole from tearing over time.
  10. Store the onahole in a sex toy bag to keep it away from UV light and dust. The breathing material of a special storage bag will keep the toy safe and dry.
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