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Description / Standing Ruri-Nyan Onahole - Realistic Ebony Sex Toy

Finally: An Ebony Onahole with Dark Realistic Skin!

While a male masturbation toy with dark skin is not something entirely new, most hentai manufacturers are surprisingly old-fashioned for the industry.

They mostly keep producing pink-skinned toys. If you’ve tried to find a realistic ebony sex toy, you understand the struggle. But finally, XTC Japan has made their wonderful Standing Ruri-Nyan.

Just look at her plump round ass with strong thighs, imagine grabbing her narrow waist, and how nice those two little dimples just above the butt look if you go from behind… What’s even more amazing - is how realistic the texture of the skin material feels to the touch!

Standing Ruri-Nyan onahole has a soft and elastic, lifelike material in warm brown color that covers most parts of this realistic ebony toy. The details of her sculpture are a pleasure to look at in the darker shade from any position. While the toy title suggests she’s standing, you can enjoy the onahole in all kinds of positions. You can bend her over doggy style and lie on her back with legs spread, inviting you in.
She is also light enough to use, bouncing up and down cowgirl style.

Two delicious tunnels for different kinds of pleasure

Ruri-Nyan onahole features two tight, nice tunnels that satisfy even the most demanding men. They are well-designed and varied, so grab some lube and go on exploring what the dark-skinned girl is eagerly offering to you.

A unique front tunnel will surprise you

The front tunnel of the onahole has a very unique design. If you like the feeling of pushing through the cervix into a warm and nice womb, you will definitely become a fan of this toy. It has not one but three subsequent gates, followed by wider sections with ridged pleasure bumps.

You will slide through the first cervix just after the entrance, pushing towards the tighter second gate.

This second gate is longer and narrower to grip around your shaft as you move further inside.

The last gate comes after a tunnel with ridges, and it’s the tightest one to bring you closer and closer to ultimate satisfaction.

The traditional anal tunnel offers a more classic pleasure

The anal tunnel of Standing Ruri-Nyan has a classic design that always works and feels well. There is a tight sphincter at the entrance, followed by a series of rings and ridges, as well as great massaging beads. The tight tunnel will stimulate you with every stroke, building up towards a pleasant finish.

Go fast or slow, depending on your mood, and get the best out of the sweet ebony girl.

Standing Ruri-nyan size

Standing Ruri-Nyan - Specifications:

  • Waist: 14 inch
  • Height (sitting): 6.3 inch
  • Height (bent over): 5.1 inch
  • Width (thigh-thigh): 8.85 inch
  • Anal tunnel length: 4.9 inch
  • Pussy tunnel length: 4.5 inch
  • Weight: 5.23 lbs
  • Material: TPE
  • Brand: XTC Japan

See also Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip.

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Customer Reviews

4.6/5 Based on 11 reviews
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    73% (8)
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Lovely quality but not intended for thicker people.
Review by Anonymous
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
The quality of this toy is superb but unfortunately it's not built around guys who are on the longer and thicker side. I bought this toy in hopes that I'd have something new to replace my old toy to play with but alas I ended up going back to my old toy.
Review helpful?
Review by Anonymity
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
I should start this off by saying: this is the first toy of this nature that I have ever bought, but my expectations were pretty low and I must say: I am very impressed, at first it was a bit awkward to hold, as I have literally never held something before and I learned a lot of things that just aren't conveyed by things like the description, first of all the weight is a lot bigger of a factor than I first anticipated and it being heavier than I thought it would was actually a pretty good thing, it made it a bit harder to move, but having weight behind everything you do, well I don't know how else to put it besides it was very nice, to put it into the least odd terms possible. (I don't like saying perverse stuff if you couldn't tell lol). Another thing to point out especially to newer buyers is the material, I was kind of expecting something rather stiff and almost plastic-like, but what I got instead was a material that felt.... the best way I can put it is a mix between Jello and skin, it was elastic and stretchy but durable, obviously don't go pulling on it like crazy, you wouldn't want it to break but everything about it was pleasantly surprising. Sure there may be better things out there, but I plan on sticking with this one for a while. (Not to mention I have found it VERY difficult to find Ebony toys, and thats just a plus for me since I think ebony is very very cute <3)

And this was also a great time to learn that the packaging is just as discreet as the company promises it to be, I actually genuinely mixed it up with another package that was set to arrive today from Etsy as their packages are usually put together by hand, every detail down to how the tape was placed on the box makes it super convincing that its just an ordinary package from a free-lancer or something, not to mention it has enough tape to discourage people from peeking inside anyway (Seriously I can't understate how nosey my roommates can be, it was enough to make them not bother with it lol)

The holes do feel very different from eachother too, I was expecting them to feel very similar but they are completely different experiences, I won't go into detail because frankly I could barely write half of the review without feeling a bit embarrassed knowing that many people might read it already, and that may be what they want but I am honestly a bit to shy for that, so I will just leave it off with this.

At the end of the day, as I have stated this IS the first type of toy I have bought like this, so take the review with a slight grain of salt as I don't have the experience, or money really to afford testing many of these, but It is the one I am going to stick to for the foreseeable future, I may even buy this one again, due to how apparently niche ebony toys are.... for some reason.
Review helpful?
Good novelty and Excellent Box Art
Review by David P.
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
I am average-sized and the v-canal is too short. The v-canal forcefully push your member back. The other canal is okay. Feeling side is average. Aside from that, it's lovely quality material as long as you kept it maintained with starch powder. I love the box art!
Review helpful?
Great for a First Onahole
Review by Jacob S.
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
As someone who's never owned an onahole before, I did not know what to expect when I bought and received this toy. Having used it over the course of 6 months, I have to say, it's an incredible choice for a first toy. While the price is high compared to smaller onaholes, it's absolutely worth the price with it's hefty weight and amazing feel. I highly recommend this onahole especially if it's your first.
Review helpful?
Very lovely
Review by Anon
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
I initially bought this as a one-off sort of deal, just to be able to say I have tried one of these and now this has become a gateway into buying 2 other ones as well.

The weight on this makes it feel nice, but its not heavy enough to stand on its own unless you have it placed with its legs pointing down, otherwise it tends to roll on its own unless you use something else to anchor it, so its not easy to use hands free. Besides that its really nice, just don't be too rough with it as I have torn both entrances a bit due to being careless.
Review helpful?
Good for the price
Review by Anonymous
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
It feels great, and the weight helps the overall experience for different potions. I think my main issue with the toy is just the TPE material. Think I'll just stick to silicone products for multiple reasons, but mostly when it comes to maintaining structural integrity, and the extra steps that come with TPE. Besides that it still will get lots of use, and I believe it I'd worth the price.
Review helpful?
Good starter hip
Review by Evan Morgan
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
It is on the smaller size but I think it’s a great starter onahip. This was my first one and certainly won’t be my last
Review helpful?
The one I've been searching for
Review by JC
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
There aren't alot of good ebony sex dolls out but this has to be the top one. Everything is great about this, no disadvantages! I would like to see them turn this into a torso as well, fingers crossed!
Review helpful?
Best Bang for your buck
Review by Chopper
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
Great looking hip hole. Tight at first but loosens up like really pussy to fit your shape.
Would recommend. Not many Ebony holes out there
Review helpful?
It's Nessa!
Review by HT
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
Ok, first things first: Nessa is freakin' hot, her chocolate skin is intoxicating and her butt is luscious. The folds of her vagina lips are detailed and inviting. Her butt is just as seductive, begging for a firm squeeze (or a slap!). Combined with her skin-tone...this is worth buying based on visuals alone.

The touch and feel of her vagina and butt are quite satisfying, and if you're into foreplay, makes for a great experience. From behind, her small waist makes you want to grab her and take control. And from the opposite direction, you can also get some great tongue and realistic facesitting action out of her (if you're into that. Just ensure to maintain good hygiene!).

The intercourse portion of things is a bit more difficult, read below. Considering the affordable price, the delicious appearance, and great feel: This is an excellent starter onahip. If you're curious about trying, or if you're just a nessa fan, this is for you.

The comments about her holes being small and tight are VERY REAL. The vagina is very small, and the butt is even smaller! The silicone is stretchy, but not stretchy enough. If the feel of intercourse and plunging inside her are most important, if not, the only important thing to you (as I imagine for most people this would be the case): It's quite hard to actually fit your member into her. You may want to measure yourself beforehand, and double check your measurements. I'm not a big guy, and I honestly had trouble getting my member into her. I imagine any average size or slightly below would have the same experience. If you have a soft silicone dildo, not everyone will I know, I might suggest carefully+tenderly using it to loosen her up. Or, maybe this very tight fit is specifically what you're looking for. In any case, heads up.
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Weight (lbs) 5.230000
Tunnel length (In.) $4.50
Layers 1
Holes 2
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