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April 5, 2023
Don’t let your lovemaking be stuck in a rut. It is nice to have a go-to position or routine when having sex with your partner. […]
March 24, 2023
Table of Contents Top reasons to use sex dolls What are the benefits? Popular types of sex dolls How to use sex dolls? Everything you […]
March 15, 2023
Table of Contents Why should you choose big ass sex dolls Popular types of big butt sex dolls What are the best big ass fetish […]


Why Choose Onahole.com?

Onahole.com is your gateway to premium japanese onaholes and other sex toys. We work with only the best and well-known Japanese manufacturers to bring you high quality vagina replicas of Japanese porn stars and hentai characters.

We take into consideration the right fit for man in USA. Rest assured all our Japanese vaginas will fit you comfortably regardless of the size of your manhood.

Furthermore, we’ve got a wide variety of onaholes. From Japanese porn stars to unique and unimaginable toys that will surely satisfy all your desires and fetishes.

Start spanking and banging on a Japanese onahole now!

Why Buy Realistic Sex Dolls & Onaholes

Sex toys have gained popularity for various reasons. Why do people use sex dolls? Well:

  • they’re an alternative to real human contact – people who are shy or live in long-distance relationships may find it challenging to engage in sexual activities with others.
  • they give you comfort and flexibility that can be hard to find with another person. You can choose a doll according to your preferences to experience a completely new level of pleasure and fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies.
Benefits Of Sex Dolls & Onaholes
  • enjoy an incredibly high level of realism they offer – modern sex dolls are made with high-quality materials and advanced technologies that make them feel and look like real humans. All this to provide a more immersive and realistic sexual experience for everyone who wants to spice up their sex life.
  • find a safe and hygienic alternative to engaging in risky or unusual sexual activities with other people – sex dolls are easy to clean and maintain, and users can avoid sexually transmitted infections and other health risks associated with real human contact. Moreover, they’re discreet and won’t judge you. In a nutshell, sex dolls are there for you to cater to your needs and help you climax.
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Shipping information
We ship all products from our USA Warehouse in Boise, ID to all US States. So as a US Customer we ensure you get your orders fast and don't have to worry about customs.

We don't ship to any other countries. If you're from Europe we advise you to shop at www.motsutoys.com.

Shipping times:
Orders are shipped on weekdays within 48 hours after payment confirmation.

With economy shipping your order will arrive between 2 to 10 business days after shipping. Economy shipping costs $15 per order and we use either Fedex or USPS to ship your order.

We also offer Fedex overnight and Fedex 2 day shipping. The rates are based on your location and the weight and size of the products in your order.

Discreet Shipping For All Products

Your privacy is our top priority. We understand that you might not want others to know what you have ordered so here are 3 ways we keep your orders discreet.

1) We will ship your orders in a plain cardboard box. On the outside of the box there are no pictures or text pointing to the content of the shipment.

2) There are no references to our company on the shipping labels and box. We use a third party shipping company and they use a discrete return address which cannot be tracked back to us in anyway.

3) The payment invoice is just as discreet. We use simple and general abbreviations on the payment description.