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Japanese best lube for fleshlight

Everyone knows Japan is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to designing and manufacturing high-quality vibrator for men. The Japanese have been improving their self-pleasure products for many decades. Besides onahole, the Japanese flagman, they also manufacture great fleshlight lube.

Why do you need to use lube for fleshlight

There are two types of lubrication. Natural lubrication comes from the woman’s body, making the process safe for both of them. But with sex doll torso, the situation is entirely different. That is why you need ‘manual’ lube.

Using male sex toys without personal lube will make the penetration uncomfortable and sometimes even downright painful. The friction of your skin against the tunnel material will take all pleasure out of the process. So, if you want to really enjoy your sex toys, using best fleshlight lube is absolutely necessary.

How to choose Japanese lube

Choosing the right Japanese lube for your masturbation can drastically improve the way your onahole feels like. But there are many options on the market with various content and properties, so it’s important to know the difference between them to pick the best Japanese lube for your needs.


The main difference between Japanese sex lubes lies in their viscosity index. Viscosity is a measure of the internal friction of a fluid. Basically, it’s how thick the lube is. Low viscosity makes the lube thin and runny, while products with high viscosity come closer to a gel. Choose according to your preferences and the product types.

Low viscosity lube will be easier to apply. It spreads throughout the whole onahole covering the small textures but not filling them in so that you can feel the details of the ridges. It also makes stimulation more intense, as the layer will be thin. But low viscosity fleshlight lube dry faster, so if you like to play for a long time and don’t want to reapply the lube in the process, you need to go for the thicker products. Runny lubes can also leak easily.

High viscosity lube, on the contrary, doesn’t leak out and creates a thick layer between you and the toy’s material. It feels more natural and doesn’t dry out quickly. However, lubes with high viscosity can make the stimulation less intense, as they can cover smaller textures. One more disadvantage is that the thicker the lube it, the harder it is to get it out when you clean your toys.


Japanese lubricant can have no smell or explicit odor, but it doesn’t impact the properties of the product. Make a choice according to your preferences. Some people prefer no smell at all, but others find certain smells arousing and sexy, so it’s worth trying a fragranced lube to add to your pleasure experience. Content Japanese sex lube can be oil, silicone, or water-based, depending on the content. It’s important to read the product description on your toy to check if it can be used with oil and silicone lubes because those can damage the toy's material.
The safest option is choosing a water-based lube. It provides a good feeling and prolongs the toys’ lifespan. Water-based lube comes in low and high viscosity levels, so you’ll be able to choose what you like best.

Japanese lube brands

Everyone who has enough experience with different sex toys knows that Japanese lube for fleshlight is different from western brands. One of its main advantages is that Japanese lubricants are more concentrated, while most lube from other manufacturers is too runny and thin.
Japanese lube brands have remained leaders in producing the best high-quality premium water-based lube for many years.

How to use personal lubricant

Using a personal lubricant is very easy.

  1. Apply the right amount of the product inside the onahole with your hands or a lube applicator 
  2. Enjoy yourself.
  3. Clean the lube thoroughly immediately after use with water and mild soap or special sex toy cleaners. You can also use cleaning accessories to make the process quick and easy.