Sex Doll Torso


✓ Usually offers you two tunnels
✓ Perfect for various sex positions, including doggy style or cowboy
✓ More Affordable and easier to handle than a full-size doll
✓ More realistic feeling, Compared to a small onahole.

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Sometimes you want something more than a onahip or a sex-machine. You want to grip a fat ass and play with round jiggly breasts while sliding in and out of the tight ridged tunnel. Does this sound tempting?
Well, then a sex doll torso is exactly what you need. Order one today and you’ll have so much fun with it from the front, back, cowgirl style, or even doggy style on the table.

What is a sex doll torso?

A sex doll torso is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a male masturbation toy that usually has the hips and breasts of a woman's body. They don’t have legs or a head, and weigh between 11 and 44 pounds. A realistic sex doll torso is a great choice if you like playing with tits while enjoying the lower attractions. They deliver much better stimulation than a simple onahole or even an onahip because the tunnel is surrounded by a thick layer of material, pushing against you as you move inside. They are also big enough to have two different tunnels if you like anal sex or like to switch between the two in the process.

How Do Sex Doll Torsos Differ from Life-Size Sex Dolls?

We’ve all heard and maybe even dreamed of a life-size sex doll that can bring you the most realistic pleasure among sex toys. But they are too expensive, hard to clean and store, so for many of us this remains to be a dream.

With a realistic sex doll torso, you can have the same level of quality, features, material, and experience as with a big doll, but it’s cheaper and much easier to maintain.
A sex doll torso has the same satisfyingly realistic tunnels, a luxury ass, and beautiful breasts, but it’s easier to clean, store and use. You will also have more freedom to your fantasies while you are enjoying the toy. Since it’s easier, you can maneuver the torso any way you like.

Why Would I Buy a Sex Onahole Torso?

If you are still doubting if a sex doll torso is a right choice for you, here is another advantage, besides the cost that won’t break the bank. Convenient storage. Since a sex doll torso is smaller and weighs less than a life-size doll, you won’t find it hard to store the toy safely and privately. It fits well in a suitcase or wardrobe after you are finished having your way with it. Just remember to use special sex toy storage, to make sure the toy lasts for a long time. It’s also much easier to transport the toy if you need to move or relocate.

How to clean sex doll torso

Cleaning a realistic sex doll torso is almost as easy as a small onahole. Considering the size, it may be more convenient to do it in a shower instead of a sink. Other than that, the process is the same: Remove the remnants of lube and liquids from the tunnels. Rinse inside the doll with lukewarm water. Wash with sex toy cleaner or mild soap. Rinse again to make sure the tunnels are completely clean.
Wash the toy outside and dry it completely with an absorbing cloth. You can use handy cleaning accessories to make the process easier. Store the toy in a dark dry place until you feel like using it again.