✓ It has an ass for grabbing
✓ Usually offers you two tunnels
✓ Perfect for various sex positions, including doggy style or cowboy
✓ More Affordable and easier to handle than a full-size doll
✓ More realistic feeling, Compared to a small onahole.

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What could make your masturbation even better than using a great Japanese onahole? It’s an onahip - an onahole with a sweet ass to grab and nice weight to feel realistic. It often even has two tunnels, so you can choose between two completely different experiences or have both.

What is an onahip

An onahip, or a hip onahole, is a kind of Japanese masturbation toy for men. Usually, it is just a hip with one or two tunnels. But some manufacturers also add thighs or lower stomachs to their products.

Onahip vs Onahole vs Sex doll

The main difference between these products is their size. An onahole is usually small, while an onahip can weigh between 4 to 15 pounds. A sex doll torso is even larger and usually has legs, breasts, and even a head. So, basically, an onahip is the perfect middle ground if you want to enjoy a more realistic experience but don’t want to deal with the complexities of a full-size sex doll. An onahip focuses on the main area that you need for masturbation. It’s the right choice for you if you are looking for a life-size onahole.

A hip onahole - advantages :

  • it has an ass to grab;
  • it usually offers you two tunnels;
  • it is perfect for various sex positions, including doggy style or cowboy;
  • it’s cheaper and easier to handle than a full-size doll;
  • compared to a small onahole, it gives you a more realistic feeling.

How to choose the best hip onahole for you

Onahips are usually a bigger investment in your pleasure than smaller male masturbation toys. So, we understand how important it is for you to choose the best hip onahole that will satisfy you time after time and prove to be worth the cost.

Of course, there is no single better product on the market because we all have different preferences, tastes, and budgets. But here are the main criteria you need to consider when looking for a hip onahole.

1. Back/front-facing or full hip.

Think about your favorite positions and imagine using the onahip. Will you mostly need the front or backside? Then you can find nice options that are reasonably priced. A back-facing onahip has a flat area instead of a belly. Its butt cheeks and butthole face upward, while the flat area makes it stable if you put it on a table or another surface. Front-facing hip onaholes are less common. They have flat butt cheeks and back, making them stable enough, too, so you can focus your attention on the front. Do you enjoy variety and like to try different things, including maybe a bit of cosplay? In this case, go for it and choose a full hip onahole with a 360-degree design. It’ll be worth it.

2. One or two tunnels.

The choice here depends on your budget and preferences. If you just love that tight feeling you get with an anal onahole, then go for two. If you don’t care much for diversity, you can save some money by choosing an onahip with a single tunnel.

3. Weight & material

While the tunnel of an onahip and materials are often the same as in a regular onahole, the experience you get is amazingly more realistic. The reason is the weight because that extra material adds pressure and stretches less easily. So your feeling when using an onahip is more simulating than with a small onahole and close to a real.

How to clean your onahip

Cleaning is essential to prolong the lifespan of all your sex toys. Here are a few useful tips on cleaning an onahip:

  • Clean it right after using the toy.
  • Avoid harsh soaps or cleansers that make the toys less soft and resilient.
  • Rinse the onahip thoroughly with plenty of warm water in a sink or shower.
  • Dry the toy after washing. You can use maintenance powder.
  • Use some toy cleaner or onahole cleaning devices to make the process easier and more efficient.

How to care for your hip onahole

Besides cleaning, larger sex toys require some care when you store them. The best option will be a dark, cool place, away from the sunlight, that may damage the material of the hip onahole. You can also keep onahips in their original plastic packaging to keep them in shape and use sex toys storage bags like the KYO small onahole bag or KYO big onahole bag. Avoid storing your onahip right next to other sex toys since the materials can melt together if it’s hot.