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Description / Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai

Experience life-like pleasure with the Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Torso. Featuring a 12kg wide hip and dual-layer tunnels, this ultra-real torso is just what you need for endless nights stirring up desire.

Ultra-Realistic Design With Wide Hips - Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai

The Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Onahole feels like the goddess you've been looking for — her soft, supple breasts and 41cm wide hip make it ultra-realistic. You'll love thrusting in that old fashioned missionary position with a texture so life-like, your pleasure is heightened to new heights!

Aska Mai will take your breath away with her alluring looks and seductive body. Get lost in her steamy curves as you indulge in the Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Torso, ready to tantalize and please like no other toy can!

Aska Mai Onahole - Featuring Dual-Layer Tunnels For Increased Sensation And Pleasure

Dive in to a world of pleasure with the Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Sex Doll. Featuring two dual-layer tunnels, this torso will tantalize and excite your senses like no other.

The vaginal tunnel has a fleshy gate ready for you as well as bumps along the way that grip onto your penis - giving intense orgasms!

If that isn't enough there's also an area designed just for releasing all those love juices once you've had your fun....Prepare yourself for ultimate satisfaction!

Get ready for pleasure like never before! This tight anal tunnel is filled with bumps to send your penis into overdrive, plus you'll love the gorgeous view doggy-style. 

Modeled after a real woman

Both outsides of the labia and anus of the Aska Mai sex toy are modeled after a real woman, so it doesn’t get more realistic than that. Below you see the current imprint of the vagina (in blue) on the lefton the right you see the clay model that is made from that

Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai - pussy

Add to that her cute pink nipples and belly button, it's almost too realistic — but we definitely not complaining about that :)

Aska Mai Onahole tunnel details realistic torso

Vagina Tunnel 158mm:

  • 1 - Labia, replicated after a real woman
  • 2 - Welcoming ring, to keep the entrance wet
  • 3 - Big G-spot nubs
  • 4 - Fleshy gate
  • 5 - Big hugging nubs
  • 6 - Pleasure stimulating gates
  • 7 - Speeding hump
  • 8 - Frenulum explosion zone
  • 9 - Deep sperm collector zone

Anal Tunnel 140mm:

  • 1 - Realistic ass, replicated after a real woman
  • 2 - Large ribs zone
  • 3 - Small speed ribs
  • 4 - Stimulating end gates
  • 5 - Studded end chamber

Aska Mai Sex Toy - True To Life Torso For An Unreal Experience 

There are so many ways you can have fun with the Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Torso. The real-life design, complete with soft breasts, pink nipples, sexy belly button, glorious butt, skin-like texture, and two pleasurable dual-layer tunnels, will take your self-loving sessions to a whole new level. Moreover, weighing in at 12kgs, the Aska Mai Sex Toy is heavy and feels amazing regardless of which position you fuck her in.

Get the most realistic body feel - an out-of-this world experience with the Aska Mai Sex Doll!

Unlock a world of new pleasure with the Aska Mai Torso! Its true-to-life design and realistic textures provide an experience you won't soon forget. This 12kg dream is easy to clean, perfect for any position and ready whenever you are - spice up your solo play or take sensations in a whole new direction!

Specifications of the Aska Mai Onahole:

  • Ass-to-neck length: 19.69 inches
  • Leg-to-leg width: 16.14 inches
  • Back shoulder to shoulder: 12.20 inches
  • Hip circumference: 38.39 inches
  • Waist circumference: 18.31 inches
  • Chest circumference: 28.74 inches
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Brand: Seiraku Toys

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Review by James
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
A testament to good craftsmanship and artistry, embodies the perfect union of delightful texture and alluring fragrance. Cannot emphasize strongly enough that the fragrance used on the material has an absolutely captivating aroma, and the attention to detail is superb, would absolutely recommend.
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Very immersive!
Review by Matthew
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
Alluring, inviting, and immersive! If you want a more immersive experience beyond an onahip and onahole, then give Aska Mai torso toy a try. From paizuri to doggy style, she offers the complete package! Her weight further contributes to a more realistic experience, but prepare for a light workout. Aska Mai feels really sturdy and durable, so with proper care and maintenance, she should last for years to come. I really appreciate the look and design of her toned navel which caught my attention from the start when I was browsing through torso toys. Her scent in my opinion is really alluring, so I consider it a plus in my book. I wish her lingerie outfit was included from the promotional artwork. Beyond fun night battles, Aska Mai has great potential as a dress-up display piece for various cosplay ideas!
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More Information

Weight (lbs) 25.000000
Tunnel length (In.) $6.20
Layers 2
Holes 2
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