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Description / Kemono Fox Girl Torso 17KG - Amazing 37.5 lbs Sex Doll Torso

Are you looking to bring simple masturbation to a whole new level of truly fairytale pleasure? This Kemono Fox Girl Sex Doll Torso 17KG is the perfect sex doll torso for this! Inspired by beautiful shapeshifting creatures, the Kitsune is looking to trick you into having the most fantastic sex experience you can dream about. 

High-quality and Durable Fox Sex Doll Torso

It is essential for a sex doll torso to have premium materials and construction for the ultimate satisfaction. The manufacturers of Kemono Fox Girl Torso 17KG took care of it just fine. The torso has a stunning hourglass shape that features round, perky breasts that you can caress while enjoying one of the two tunnels. The torso has a great level of detail! Look at her slender neck, collarbones, a toned belly, and those small back dimples. Everything is designed so that you can achieve the highest level of realistic experience possible. 

Kemono fox girl torso has a high-quality metal skeleton with flexible hip joints that you can adjust to a variety of sex positions. The torso is made with a single material all the way through. It ensures higher durability than other large sex toys that may tear apart or split. The Fox Doll Hentai will last you a long time, and it’s easy to take care of it.

A Fairy Tail and Two Excellent Tunnels

While some sex doll companies elaborate the Kitsune theme no further than the images on the packaging, this Fox Girl onahole has it all! Use a little lube and pop the attached butt plug into her anal tunnel to enjoy the extra foxiness with her.

The toy has two wonderful tunnels with a variety of textures waiting for you as you slide inside. If you choose the vaginal tunnel, you first pass through the gate towards a tighter area just behind the entrance. With fox girl sex doll it feels great as it clamps down around your shaft for extra stimulation. Then you will feel a series of bumps and bulges sliding and squeezing around you until it feels so incredible you can’t wait any longer but climax.

When you use the anal tunnel, it feels more tense and structured. Starting with a sphincter entrance, you will then feel ridged pleasure bumps surrounding you from all sides. When you push further into the end chamber, it is lined with multiple massaging pearls for maximum pleasure.

Kemono Fox Girl Sex Doll Torso specifications:

  • Height: 27.5 inch
  • Chest circumference: 30.7 inch
  • Waist circumference: 16.9 inch
  • Hip circumference: 31.5 inch
  • Pussy tunnel length: 5.7 inch
  • Anal tunnel length: 4.7 inch
  • Material: single-layer TPE with lightweight metal skeleton
  • Free extra: fox tail butt plug
  • Manufacturer: Seiraku Toys

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Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Based on 7 reviews
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    86% (6)
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    14% (1)
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Customer Photos
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Review by Phil
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
The greatest experience I've ever felt. It feels better than the real thing!

- good weight
- soft tunnels
- soft/firm boobs
- anime body

- cleaning (with any toy)

Recommend?- yes
Review helpful?
Worth Every Dollar
Review by Anonymous
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
It’s just that good. The quality and textures just feel way too good. It’s now my favorite torso. Also who doesn’t love a thicc and cute fox girl ;)
Review helpful?
First torso
Review by Melon
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
It's heavier than it looks. Hope you lift/have something to set this on. Would highly advise in buying some tpe glue/tpe powder/cleaning products/drying sticks for general maintenance. The tpe material has a tendency to start peeling. Other than that, it's a pretty alright experience. It's more on the firm side, but holding the body feels nice. If anything, i wish the breasts were softer.
Review helpful?
Great experience. Worth the money. Definitely recommend
Review by Cameron
I’ve had several hips before but the fox girl is my first torso. The overall experience is fantastic and worth the money. The holes feel great not too tight, not too loose. The textures are nice. They aren’t super intense but they’re definitely there and feel great allowing for a little longer session. The size is pretty good too. Might be a little short if you’re on the taller side. The skeleton is very sturdy so it stays in place when using it. The leg joints are a bit stiff but that’s better than being too floppy. Once you use it a couple times and know how to move them it’s no issue at all and allows for many positions. The fox tail is a great addition and adds a little layer to turn up the experience. The only downfall like any other toy is cleaning but even that isn’t too bad. I would absolutely recommend this product. If you’re on the fence about getting it you won’t be disappointed.
Review helpful?
Review by Anonymous
The best doll I have so far
Review helpful?
Review by Chris
Easily one of the best dolls I have ever had!
Review helpful?
Cutie Fox !
Review by Jay
Canada Canada
Amazing little fox, indeed. Short-stack lovers will adore her, and whilst she is a bit on the firm side, the "anime" feeling of the firmness is naught an issue, in fact it is something rather different and enjoyable. Being of low height, this torso fits me perfectly, and will thoroughly enjoyed for years to come !
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More Information

Weight (lbs) 37.500000
Tunnel length (In.) $5.70
Layers 1
Holes 2
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