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✓ Easy to handle
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We live in amazing times when there are so many possibilities to achieve excellent, intense, and different kinds of pleasure. You don’t have to masturbate with your hand anymore, the biggest choice being whether it will be right or left today.

You have a wide variety of sex toy options! Tight and small, big and small, vaginal and anal… Open a diverse world of onaholes for you that will please even the most demanding and extravagant tastes.

What is an onahole

If you are new to the market of masturbation toys for men, you may be wondering: What is an onahole? Basically, it’s an adult toy, usually made of TPE, silicone, or other elastic material with a tunnel or two tunnels inside for masturbation.
Onaholes are a good value for the money because they start from very reasonable prices and feel realistic enough to achieve great pleasure.

Onahole meaning

Onahole is a Japanese word that comes from combining two words: Onani means ‘masturbation’ and Hole (borrowed from English). The word onahole means ‘masturbation hole.’ Sometimes they are also called pocket pussies, or pocket vaginas.

In the western world, many are familiar with ‘Fleshlights’ or other kinds of masturbation toys. But onaholes have become extremely popular in recent years all over the world, because of their high quality, design, and durability. So, usually, people refer to all masturbators for men from Japan as onaholes.

Onaholes have a longer tradition than other masturbation toys. Because they have been widespread in Japan for several decades, their manufacturing techniques, design, and quality have developed much higher than western toys.
So, if you are looking for the best adult toy for men, an onahole is the best choice.

Onahole types

A vagina onahole is the most traditional kind, making it the best choice for your first sex toy. But onaholes come in so many sizes and designs that any man will be able to find the toy of his liking.

A tight onahole is made of harder material so that the tunnel gives you a more intense feeling.

A soft onahole feels more realistic and gentle to your member.

A big onahole eliminates the chance that you may feel your hand through the walls, and sick walls squeeze you tighter.

A small onahole is more affordable and easy to use with one hand.

A blowjob onahole resembles a mouth so that you can enjoy oral sex.

Onahips are large onaholes that can have two tunnels and the shape of a real body. Most often, they resemble a woman’s hip and ass, but sometimes they have even more than that.

And if you want an onahole with legs or even breasts check out mini sex dolls. They have the upper body part as well, so you can grab and squeeze soft breasts as you penetrate one of the onahole doll tunnels.

Onahole tunnel

The main attraction of an onahole, of course, is the tunnel inside. They can have different lengths, and textures and give you different kinds of experiences. There is no best onahole here, as you need to decide depending on the sensations you strive to experience.

Many onaholes are made with dual-layer structures. Their inner layer is elastic and feels similar to the membrane-covered muscles inside a real woman. The outer layer is softer and resembles actual skin. The thicker this material is, the more pressure it will apply as you slide inside the onahole.

A uterus onahole and a womb onahole have a vacuum chamber at the end that sucks you in with every move. Some onaholes create more suction, while others have more kinds of textures along the tunnel to stimulate you. The opening often starts with a realistic labia. Then you slide along many ridges, pleasure bumps, and rings. If you slide even deeper towards the cervix onahole will become tighter and more intense.

Onahole themes: hentai and anime onaholes. Are onaholes Japanese?

Since onaholes are initially from Japan, many of them have an anime influence and are based on real characters.

Japanese toys are the best onahole toys for men who enjoy hentai, a genre of anime with explicit images and plots. You will find a lot of sexy hentai characters on onahole boxes, describing the theme that influenced the creation of this particular toy. It gives a flight to your imagination and a nice fantasy to think about while you use the toy.

How to use an onahole

While using an onahole seems quite straightforward, there are a few steps you need to know to ensure you achieve a wonderful experience.

  1. Prepare the onahole to make sure it’s ready for you. Check that it’s clean. You can also heat the onahole to the right temperature, which will increase the pleasure.
  2. Apply lubricant inside the onahole. Using a water-based lubricant is safer, especially with silicone masturbation toys. If you want to avoid the mess, use a lube launcher. It will ensure no spill or dry areas can spoil the fun.
  3. After the use, it is essential to clean the onahole so that no liquids or lube are left inside.
  4. Put the onahole in safe, protected storage.

Onahole maintenance

How to warm onahole

Sliding inside a cold onahole may not be very pleasant to some men. That is why we suggest warming the tunnels beforehand. You can use warm water, but it will take at least 30 minutes to make the onahole nice and ready. Waiting that long is not convenient when you are already aroused. That is why there are special onahole warming devices, like this KYO Onahole warmer.

How to clean onahole

Onahole cleaning is very important if you want the toy to serve you for a long time. You can rinse it thoroughly under warm water with mild soap. You can also use toy cleaners or special equipment that you can find in the Onahole cleaning category.

An important step in onahole cleaning is to dry it properly. Moisture can cause harmful bacteria that are dangerous both to you and the toy.

How to store onahole

Most of the time, your toy will be in storage. So, another vital step in onahole maintenance is storing it properly. We suggest using specially designed sex toy bags because they don’t hold up moisture and will keep your toys safe and secure, prolonging their lifespan.

Is an onahole reusable?

Yes! You can use onaholes many times. And with the proper maintenance, the toy will serve you for many years, making it probably the best investment in your own pleasure. Try it yourself!