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Description / Demon Slayer Nezuko Body - Sex Doll Torso, 22 lbs

Demon slayer sex doll - Nezuko

Spectacular Demon Slayer Nezuko Body has everything you could ask for in a sex doll torso. You will appreciate high-quality materials, stimulating, varied tunnels, soft breasts, and a beautiful shape.

Order yourself a special treat and turn the wildest hentai fantasies into reality with the Demon Slayer sex doll!

Vacuum suction for extra pleasure

Nezuko sex toy will give you a really good time with her sweet round boobs, a narrow waist, and wider hips with a firm round butt. Two holes are both 5.9 inches, but they have a very different combination of dynamic textures, creating varied stimulation. Which one will you try first?

Demon Slayer onahole has great details all over that ensure a realistic experience. She has a well-defined belly, back muscles, lovely labia, and a clitoral hood. As you push your way inside, you will feel the tunnel press against you and wrap your shaft. After that, there is a wider area and a series of rings that press sensitive points, followed by donut-shaped nubs. Then with a final push, you can break into her womb.

Besides the excellent textures of Nezuko sex doll two tunnels, the demon-slaying goddess possesses a special secret. If you squeeze out the air before you penetrate her, you will experience vacuum suction. The tunnels will suck you back in with every stroke you make, making you more sensitive and enhancing the pleasure.

Nezuko Onahole Specifications:

  • Chest circumference: 22.8 inch
  • Waist circumference: 18.1 inch
  • Hip circumference: 28.3 inch
  • Vaginal tunnel length: 5.9 inch
  • Anal tunnel length: 5.9 inch
  • Torso length: 20.5 inch
  • Torso width (hip-hip): 10.6 inch
  • Weight: 22 lbs

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Customer Reviews

4.5/5 Based on 9 reviews
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    56% (5)
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    33% (3)
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Oh Boy, oh is she worth it!
Review by Anonymous
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
I bought this not only because am I a fan of Nezuko but also because I have had my eye on this for quite a while and finally decided to pull the trigger on it. . .it did not disappoint! First things first, she feels like she weighs more like 40 pounds which isn't a bad thing. The sense of TPE is so soft and squishy that I just can't stop feeling. Her breasts. . .have definitely changed my perspective on boobs to say the least in a good way. She also comes with a internal skeletal structure that allows for the figure to keep it's frame/posture which is definitely a big plus! Lastly, her holes are very, very tight and it's best to use a lot of lube for the first go around otherwise you could cause tearing, other than that they are the best feeling I have ever experienced. Definitely the top Sex toy I have every bought and I highly, highly recommend this toy! 12/10!!
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Very surprised!
Review by Anon
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
WOW this thing is alot heavier then i expected! Its like lugging around and actual human torso. Its all dead wait so goodluck cleaning it without special tools. The only thing that kinda disappointed me was there was an air bubble that would expand every time i would "enter" but after i used it it popped and only left a small scar. Either way this toy is amazing if you have money to spend on... well i dunno a giant nezuko sex toy! What more could you need in life?
Review helpful?
Good, but not my favorite
Review by Jaden
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
The toy itself is of decent quality and feels nice, however their are a few design points which lead me to my 4 star review. The first being the holes, since the two holes are so close together the durability of both is compromised. The seam on the torso is also not my favorite, but I understand that it's part of the manufacturing process. It's definitely a fine entry level torso, but I would definitely recommend getting a more durable one.
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It was worth every cent
Review by Otakuplex
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
This toy is amazing First of all she is very tight and gets the job done her breast are very soft and have a nice color literally couldn’t get enough of it one thing to watch out for tho is air bubbles it end up popping and leaving a tiny hole not even noticeable till i started cleaning and water started come out of it but other then that it was great also recommended having a dry stick and a water tube to clean the inside as well as a fiber absorption towel to keep her clean and dry on the inside this toy is definitely worth buying and trying out
Review helpful?
Pretty good but seems poor quality
Review by Aril
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
For the price it is a great product but one of the nipples has ripped and it’s pretty hard to clean.
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Buy it!
Review by Connor
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
Well, what can I say, this is probably one of my best purchases yet. I am really surprised by the quality of the toy, the TPE is very soft and squishy and has almost NO that TPE smell, especially after a wash. Also that skeleton is really cool, unlike similar cheap Chinese toys, it holds it's shape but can also bend its back which I really appreciate. The feeling is not very intense, but it stimulates you slowly due to its softness, you won't feel each single bump, but just soft pleasure bringing you to a huge climax. Also it is pretty hefty, but in a good way. You can use it hands free just fine, it won't go anywhere. The downside of that though would be cleaning and cowgirl position, but that's expected, but for cowgirl however you can just lay her down on you but I still prefer doggy and missionary with this toy. One tip, you can put her on a towel and put some pillows below so she can easily rock back and forth. The delivery was pretty quick but it took them business 2 days to ship, I ordered Friday night, shipped on Tuesday, got it Friday. The only big downside for most would be that shipping is NOT discreet, or was not in my case, even though I don't really care if Fedex guy or anyone I don't know sees it. It had two stickers on two sides that said "Body Hole 3", which with the shape and weight of the box kinda really gives it away. So, PLEASE CHECK AND REMOVE THOSE STICKERS BEFORE SHIPPING. Besides that, all in all I am very happy with the purchase, but I am putting 4 stars only because of that incident.

So here is the summary:

Looks - 10/10
Quality - 12/10
Feeling - 10/10
Weight - Pretty heavy, 10kg or 22 lbs
Size - Like it says its almost life size or a size of a pretty petite girl, like my Ex
Depth - About 6 inches, but due to stretchiness of the material will fit pretty much any size
Value - Worth every penny
Shipping speed - 8/10
Shipping discreetness - 2/10 (at least it was in a plain box)
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It's nezuko's body!!!!
Review by Victor
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
I loved it! It is on the hefty side, but overall, worth every dollar and penny spent. If you love demon slayer and love Nezuko, I guarantee you, you'll love this, difficult to clean, but look up some cleaning methods online, and it should last a long time. The skeletal structure is great, in fact, this toy is great overall!
Review helpful?
Review by Victor Ramirez
United States United States
badge-check Verified Buyer
I absolutely love it! It is hefty, but that's alright with me. Somewhat difficult to clean, but I've looked up methods online. And she feels so good, especially when I finish ;) overall, I'll consider buying another one, just in case.
Review helpful?
Did not disappoint
Review by Lok0812
United States United States
First thing first, this product have nothing related to nezuko except for its cover box. It is just a torso with two holes and breast but don’t get me wrong, this product is amazing. The skin is soft to the touch even though it is firm in most of the places and don’t jiggle like real human physic, the main parts of this product outweighs everything. The inside feels very nice and enjoyable to the point it felt real, plus side it is very stretchable so it is very easy to go inside and wraps around nicely. Only downside is it is very hard to keep clean so make sure you also purchase tools for cleaning after every use.
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More Information

Weight (lbs) 22.000000
Tunnel length (In.) $5.90
Layers 2
Holes 2
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