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Prinz Eugen 11lbs

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Product Details

Prinz Eugen 11 lbs - Onahip With A Unique Air Chamber

Ready to experience something truly enchanting? Let the soft texture of Prinz Eugen's 11 lbs onahip do its thing with two seductive holes & special air chamber. Get ready for an out-of-this-world climax!

Experience the ultimate pleasure with the Prinz Eugen Sex Toy

Ignite your wildest dreams with the Prinz Eugen Onahip! Its exquisite navy blue design will have arousal blooming at first sight. Feel sensational like never before and don't miss out on pleasuring both holes of this darling goddess today!

Redefining pleasure, with the Prinz Eugen Sex Doll

Experience a pleasure like never before with the Prinz Eugen sex toy! Every element of this toy has been carefully crafted to provide ultimate realism and comfort. Boasting an optimal size that weighs 11 lbs and measures 10.24 inches in width, prepare for sensational sensations as you explore its soft texture associated with lifelike design elements.

Prinz Eugen Onahip - tunnel details

Anal tunnel 4.92inch:

  • 1 - Anal Grip area
  • 2 - Ass slide zone
  • 3 - Twirl end

tunnel of the Prinz Eugen onahip

Vagina tunnel 5.7 inches:

  • 1 - Pussy lips entrance
  • 2 - Wet welcoming zone
  • 3 - Stimulating embrace zone
  • 4 - Climax stud
  • 5 - Climax chamber

Enjoy the thrill of a naughty girl in your arms! This Prinz Eugen sex doll has an air chamber to give you control over its shape and size, so you can customize her curves as desired. Plus, it's lightweight at just 11 lbs - similar weight but with more options for play than other hips that weigh 12-13 lbs.

Ready to take your pleasure sessions up a notch with the Prinz Eugen 11lbs Sex Toy?

Get the Prinz Eugen Onahip and experience an unforgettable night of love-making. This realistic design feels amazingly soft, so you can enjoy all kinds of smashing positions like cowgirl, missionary or doggy! With its high quality materials, just add some lube and start pounding away--are you ready for this wild ride?

Specifications of the Prinz Eugen Onahip

Onahip width: 10.43 inch
Onahip height: 8.27
Top circumference: 21.65 inch
Ass circumference: 29.92 inch
Weight: 11 lbs
Vaginal tunnel length: 5.70 inch
Anal tunnel length: 4.92 inch
Brand: Seiraku Toys

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Cleaning And Maintenance

Importance Of Cleaning Your Onahole

Cleaning your onahole is absolutely essential. Here is why:

  • It will have a foul odor if you leave the lube and other liquids inside.
  • Cleaning will ensure the long life of your toys because there will be no mold or harmful bacteria.
  • Using a clean onahole ensures safety for your health.
  • It gives you a wonderful nice experience to slide into a clean toy every time.

How to clean onahole

Here is a step-by-step onahole cleaning guide that will minimize the unpleasant part that needs to come after your satisfaction.

  1. Rinse your onahole with warm water. Make sure that the water is not too warm so that the temperature does not damage the onahole material.
  2. Massage the onahole to let the fluids and lube loosen and wash away easily.
  3. Use your fingers or special cleaning sticks to scrub inside the onahole tunnel gently.
  4. After you’ve gotten rid of most of the lube and fluids, you can rinse the onahole again with warm water or use a special sex toy cleaner.
  5. If you are using the toy cleaner, rub it inside and outside of the onahole. If you don’t have a toy cleaner, you can use mild soap, such as for sensitive skin of the genital region. But don’t use anything strong because regular soap contains oil which can make the onahole material harder, shortening its lifespan.
  6. Rinse the onahole again to remove the toy cleaner or soap.
  7. Shake the onahole to get rid of most of the water.
  8. Dry the onahole thoroughly with an absorbent cloth. Don’t use fabric that leaves lint inside the product. Use several pieces of fabric if necessary to remove all the water. Drying the onahole is vital to prevent moisture that causes mold and bacterial growth.
  9. Powder the onahole inside with onahole maintenance powder using your hand or a soft brush. It will make your sex toy feel soft and smooth to the touch. The powder also helps to keep away the dust, lint, hair, and other things that may stick to it. Another reason to use the maintenance powder is to prolong the lifetime of your onahole. It serves as a protective barrier to slow down the process of the onahole oil from seeping out over time. Although this process can’t be stopped completely, it will save the onahole from tearing over time.
  10. Store the onahole in a sex toy bag to keep it away from UV light and dust. The breathing material of a special storage bag will keep the toy safe and dry.
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