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Featured Hentai Sex Toys Categories

  • Onaholes

    An onahole is a Japanese men sex toy. They are also known as pocket pussies made to give your shaft the ultimate pleasure it deserves! Shop Onaholes >

  • Onahip

    When one hole can't satisfy you, go for an Onahip! It has tunnels with different textures. One looks like a vagina, and the other replicates an ass hole. It brings added pleasure, too, from those bouncy ass cheeks! Shop onahips >

  • Vibrator for Men

    Who says vibrations are only for women? Get a sensation you haven't experienced before from our vibrator for men. The vibrating stimulations will surely make you last longer and spicier! Shop vibrators for men >

  • Japanese Lube

    Discover a variety of high-performance Japanese lube! These lubes will not only make sex smoother for you but will also give you various benefits, such as moisturization! Shop Japanese Lube >

  • Mini Sex Dolls

    Curvy, hot, and realistic mini sex dolls are awaiting action! You can find one that suits your liking. What's more stunning is that you can also get a hentai-looking sex doll! Shop Mini Sex Dolls >

  • Sex Doll Torso

    Let's add some bounce to your steaming experience with our sex doll torso. Not only does it have holes and perky ass cheeks, but it also has incredible breasts that you can squish, slap, or fuck! Shop Sex Doll Torso >

  • Tit Sex Toys

    If you only like perky breasts, then no worries! We also have tit sex toys for you. Slap them, squish them, or get an amazing boob job; this sex toy will deliver ultimate pleasure to your manhood! Shop Tit Sex Toys>

  • Onahole Cleaning

    Hygiene is also important to enjoy maximum pleasure. Browse our selection of onahole cleaning tools that will maintain and prolong the lifetime of your favorite sex toys! Onahole cleaning>

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